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Excitement is Brewing

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Take Control of Your Own Brewery

From humble garage beginnings, grow your brewery into a world-renowned symbol of excellence by crafting the best beer in the land.

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Research marketplaces and festivals to learn what your public wants...

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...then brew it using realistic ingredients and recipes!

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Manage your profits to hire new employees and upgrade equipment.

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Experience a story fraught with rivalry, mystery, and desperately thirsty people.

There is just so much about this game that makes it a lot of fun, interesting, and a title that you just won't be able to walk away from.

- Mike Deneen, Android Rundown (9.5/10)

I've only just started on my brewery, but I'm finding the game to be quite addictive.

- Christine Chan, AppAdvice (5/5)

Fiz's slow-burning but incredibly entertaining brewery management simulation really nails the nitty-gritty details, offering addictive beer-making entertainment for hardcore enthusiasts and casual imbibers alike.

- Nathan Meunier, MacLife (4.5/5)

Fiz takes an unusual setting for a sim or RPG, mixes in some wit and whimsy and blends it into something that will make you feel like you can actually take on the King of Beers with your own homebrew.

- Nick Tylwalk, Gamezebo (8/10)


No in-app purchases.

No arbitrary waiting. Play for minutes or hours at a time.

20+ Hours of gameplay in a single playthrough.

70+ Recipes to discover.

20+ Employees to hire.

60+ Randomly selected Events and Competitions.

25+ Marketplaces to research and master.

"New Game +" mode and randomized content for multiple playthroughs.

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